Steve Austin — Explains His Switch to IPAs … During Beer Launch Event (VIDEO)

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Stone ColdSteve Austin says he had no problem drinking Budweiser his whole life … but at an event for the launch of his beer, the wrestler admits it was hard to go back once he tasted an IPA.

Steve Austin celebrated the launch of his new Broken Skull IPA at El Segundo Brewery Friday in California and the former WWE Champ gave a toast explaining the switch to kick off the festivities.

Stone Cold doesn’t knock the different kinds of beer he’s drank throughout his lifetime — but claims he changed things up over a year ago after becoming interested in the craft beer movement.

Austin admits the initial taste threw him off. But the bottom line, once he tried going back to pale ale it didn’t taste the same.

Check out the video for his catchphrase “swig of beer” and full toast.