Stephanie McMahon Talks Cyberbullying, “I Read My Own Twitter Feed” and It’s Awful (AUDIO)

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Cyberbullying is an increasingly common issue that many people deal with on a weekly basis, including Stephanie McMahon … who says she reads her own feed sometimes and it’s awful.

Stephanie talked about the subject on this week’s episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia and said social media is “supposed to this platform for bringing people up and sometimes, unfortunately, it does the opposite.”

“I read my own Twitter feed … of course, I’m a heel, so I understand that … but MAN … sometimes the comments are just awful.” Adding, “And as hard as I try not to let them affect me, they do. And I think it’s ok to acknowledge the fact that you’re human. Right? And when people say mean things it’s gonna hurt, but you just have to go back to that ‘looking yourself in the eyes in the mirror’ and know that you’re a good person and believe in yourself.”

The full interview features Stephanie talking about Vince McMahon almost firing her, his reaction to the women’s revolution, why her book has been delayed and more.

Listen to the clip below, then check out THE FULL EPISODE HERE.