NXT Wrestler Stacey Ervin Jr. Confirms He’s Parted Ways with WWE

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His time in NXT was short-lived, but Stacey Ervin Jr has now confirmed he’s parted ways with WWE.

Ervin confirmed his departure via Instagram, writing: “It is true. I have parted ways with WWE/NXT. It was not an easy decision, but it was a decision that I felt was right for me.”

The rest of Stacey Ervin Jr’s post continues:

The experiences I have earned, the friendships that I have gained, the fans that supported me, & the lessons I have learned will ALWAYS hold a special place in my life.

Although I decided that my journey as a WWE Superstar would end, I have not given up, & never will give up, my work of creating my envisioned life. Life is too precious to not pursue that which sets your soul on fire.

As I move into a new phase of my life, with new priorities, goals, & aspirations, I aim to continue my pursuit of excellence. It is my sincere hope that you all continue to find inspiration from my journey, & I ask only for continued support. My family, friends, & fans are nothing short of incredible, & I want you to know that I appreciate the positive vibes from each & every single one of you.

We all move forward. We all continue the journey through ups, & downs. This was just a part of my story. A story that I intend to tell nothing other than greatness.

Thank you all for sticking with me, & supporting me in all that I do. God bless. Ride the wave.

Ervin requested his release in March after reportedly going through a concussion scare. 

Stacey is a former amateur gymnast who signed with WWE in 2018. During his tenure with company, he appeared on numerous NXT house shows and performed once on NXT TV.