Snoop Dogg Congratulates Sasha Banks on Raw Women’s Title Win

snoop dogg sasha banks raw women's title win congratulations congratulates

Sasha Banks won the Raw Women’s Championship last night and her cousin Snoop Dogg made it known to his huge following after by congratulating the new champ.

In case you missed it, the rules of the match said the title could change hands by countout or disqualification. This allowed Banks to win after Asuka ran to the backstage area to help Kairi Sane from an attack, which caused her to get counted out.

After the show, Snoop shared a photo on Instagram of Banks holding the belt and wrote: “Congrats 2 my lil Cuzzn [Sasha Banks]. The champ is here”

Safe to say Snoop’s post-match message was much nicer than the one she received from Asuka.