Details on Creative Plans for “Sister Abigail” Debut

sister abigail bray wyatt tlc finn balor creative plans debut

If you were confused by Bray Wyatt‘s Sister Abigail promo during Raw this week, we’ve got the explanation you’re looking for below … but warning, spoilers lie ahead.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the current plan is for Wyatt to wrestle at TLC using the name “Sister Abigail” — similar to how Finn Balor becomes The Demon — and he’d wear a different outfit.

From what we’re being told, WWE is NOT planning to introduce a female character with the name.

For those who missed it, Wyatt transformed into a scarecrow-like character last night during a backstage promo directed at Balor and a female voice could be heard laughing alongside his.

No word on whether the match will have any sort of additional gimmick attached.