Audio of Sid Vicious Cancelling on Recent Indie Booking

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Sid Vicious blamed President Donald Trump‘s travel ban as the cause of him missing a recent indie booking and the company released audio of his nearly 10-minute explanation.

Absolute Intense Wrestling posted the clip on YouTube which features Sycho Sid’s full reasoning. It’s hard to track everything he’s saying, but it sounds like his license was suspended due to a speeding ticket so he wasn’t allowed to get the airline ticket they had booked for him.

When the promoter begins to ask questions, Vicious says that’s what the person at Delta told him … even though that’s not the airline he was flying on.

At one point Sid begins to gripe about Trump’s battle with the NFL and says he didn’t want Colin Kaepernick playing anymore due to taking a knee during games, but the way the President handled things has made people not want to watch football anymore.

Listen to the full phone call below.

4 Comments on "Audio of Sid Vicious Cancelling on Recent Indie Booking"

  1. glockeaglepatriot1776 | December 30, 2017 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    We wrestling fans know that Trump is a jabroni.

    • That is the opinion of a minuscule amount of people in the industry.

      • Marty Funkhouser | January 1, 2018 at 1:57 pm | Reply

        i find it so bizarre that all the wrestlers that beefed with or hated the way Vince McMahon handles the business and treats his performers (current and retired) are also Big Trump fans. Vince and Trump are from the same school of thought.

  2. Very shady of the promoter to release this audio.

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