Shelton Benjamin — I’m No Longer Returning to WWE Due to Shoulder Injury

shelton benjamin not returning to wwe shoulder injury torn rotator wrestling wrestler

The Gold Standard will not be making his WWE return as previously advertised … Shelton Benjamin says their doctors discovered a serious shoulder injury during testing and now he needs surgery.

Shelton tweeted, “I am both disappointed & sadden to announce that due to a serious injury to my shoulder I will not be returning to WWE at this time.”

He added, “For now I will have to put pro-wrestling to the side as I prepare to undergo surgery to repair my torn rotator. This comes as a shock to me as I am no stranger to performing while in pain, yet I had no idea of the severity of my condition.”

Benjamin’s return was hyped with a vignette during the debut episode of SmackDown Live last month.  No word at this time if his injury will be addressed on TV.