The Sheet Podcast — Episode 31 … Injuries, Lady Balls and the Release of Alex Reyes (AUDIO)

sheet podcast episode 31 chyna ryan satin elijah bates jamie iovine

This week on The Sheet Podcast … Pro Wrestling Sheet Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin talks about the surprising reason for why Alex Reyes believes he was fired, with insight from a former WWE employee that validates his suspicions.

Ryan sat down with Elijah Bates and Kevin Silva to discuss the top stories in wrestling with co-host Jamie Iovine, who has first hand experience of the WWE frowning upon being too much of a fan.

We also talk about Emma getting hurt, WWE trademarking “Lady Balls” ahead of Stephanie McMahon‘s book announcement and Luke Harper revealing a timetable for his return.

Check out Episode 31 below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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