The Sheet Podcast — Cruiserweight Classic, Mitt Romney, Okada/Lucha Underground and More!

sheet podcast episode 34 ryan satin elijah bates jamie iovine

On episode 34 of The Sheet Podcast … our hosts discuss the full list of Cruiserweight Classic participants being announced, Mitt Romney wrestling, Okada visiting the Lucha Underground Temple and all the top stories of the week.

Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin sat down with co-hosts Elijah Bates and Jamie Iovine to talk about the most surprising tournament entrants, the favorites and the one who needed a better promo pic.

The guys also talk about Nacho Romney, Okada seeing Candice LeRae and Havok compete in a dark match while visiting LU, DX singer Chris Warren passing away and Broken Matt.

Plus, we take a call from a random listener.

Check out Episode 34 — presented by Dash Radio — and let us know what you think in the comments.

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