WATCH: Shayna Baszler Chews on Becky Lynch’s Neck Like a Vampire During Raw

shayna baszler becky lynch bite neck blood bloody video

Shayna Baszler went after Becky Lynch after a title match on Raw this week and chewed the back of her neck like a vampire.

The moment occurred after Lynch defeated Asuka in a Raw Women’s title match on Monday. 

Baszler hit the ring and locked in the Kirifuda Clutch, but released the hold and took out her mouthpiece. She then chomped on the back of Becky’s neck as the Women’s champ sold the attack. 

Shayna, whose face was covered in “blood,” left the ring as medics tended to Lynch.

Later in the show, Becky was shown refusing to go to the hospital in the back on ambulance and instead threw out the driver to drive herself there. 

Watch the chew session below.