NXT’s Shayna Baszler to Wrestle Becky Lynch and Bayley at Survivor Series

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It’s official! NXT Women’s champ Shayna Baszler will face-off against Raw Women’s champ Becky Lynch and SmackDown Women’s champ Bayley at Survivor Series. 

The match was made official on Raw this evening during a backstage sit-down interview with “The Man,” which was quickly interrupted by Baszler.

This was followed by an intense conversation between Becky and Shayna. 

“You know I’m friends with Ronda Rousey. We train together. You beat Ronda at WrestleMania,” Baszler told her upcoming opponent.  “I want to make something very clear, Becky Lynch. I’m not Ronda Rousey,” she continued. “And at Survivor Series, I’m not gonna take my eyes off of Bayley. But I wanted to come here, eye-to-eye, champion to champion, and tell you that I am going to pin you or I’m going to tap you out. And the only thing you’ll have to think about between now and Survivor Series is which one of your limbs will belong to me.”

Becky fired back saying, “I don’t know you. So I haven’t fully decided whether I respect you or whether to slap the head off you … yet. But I’m glad we got this chance to talk so that you can feel the same doubt that Ronda felt. Because warring with me will change you like it did the rest of them.” 

Watch the full segment below. 

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