Shawn Michaels Isn’t Interested in Another Singles Match at WrestleMania (AUDIO)

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Mr. WrestleMania may have returned to the ring this month, but in a new interview Shawn Michaels makes it clear he isn’t interested in doing it again at The Show of Shows.

HBK was a guest on the latest episode of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness and discussed a variety of topics, including his tag team match at Crown Jewel. 

The topic of participating in another singles match at WrestleMania with a younger talent was then touched upon as Edge asked his fellow Hall of Famer, “Do you do it again?”

‚ÄúNegative,” Michaels replied. “Technically, yeah, I could go in there, do my stuff, and have a young guy to work around me and all that, but the 100% only reason I said yes to this one was … it was a special request by other people and I looked at it as somebody is asking The Stones and Kiss to come over and just play their greatest hits.”

Adding, “Everything else about working with a younger guy and it being WrestleMania puts me in a much tougher and more difficult situation performance-wise and I have not wanted to be put in that position because I am good with the performances I had at WrestleMania.”

For what it’s worth, Michaels also says he would have made more money returning in a singles match at WrestleMania than he did working Crown Jewel … because he’s charging more for that.

Listen to the interview below. 

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  1. Red herring. HBK will wrestle at WM.

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