Shawn Michaels Caught a Beatdown from The Brothers of Destruction on Raw (VIDEO)

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If you needed any additional indication that it’s only matter of time before Shawn Michaels wrestles again, then let us point you in the direction of how Raw ended this week. 

The segment began with Michaels talking in the ring about how he planned to be an innocent bystander in the feud between Undertaker and Triple H, but things have gotten personal. 

When HBK threatened a future Sweet Chin Music, Kane‘s music hit and The Big Red Machine appeared behind Michaels. After punching Shawn to the ground, Undertaker arrived and hoisted the retired wrestler onto his shoulder for a Tombstone. Triple H attempted to make the save, but he and his buddy received chokeslams instead. 

As we previously reported, Michaels stated he was open to one more match back in June and said it would more than likely be a tag team match with Triple H. As of now, he’s only been announced as the cornerman for Hunter at this weekend’s Super Show-Down … but Crown Jewel is in November.

Watch how it all unfolded tonight in the video below.