Shane McMahon Did His Own Motion Capture Work for WWE 2K18 (VIDEO)

motion capture shane mcmahon wwe2k18 video

Shane McMahon has ensured that his appearance in WWE 2K18 will be as authentic as possible … by doing his own motion capture work!

Shane talked about the experience in a video posted by WWE and said the whole thing started with his kids. “One of the things that was brought to my attention was my kids when they’re playing. They’re like, ‘Dad, you move a little differently.’”

This inspired McMahon to fly out to the 2K Mocap studio in the Bay Area so developers could capture his movements authentically. This included his signature moves, entrance and shooting star press.

Shane MacPherson, the lead cutscene animator for 2K, said they really wanted to capture the essence of McMahon in the game and that he was a perfectionist in making sure everything came through. As for the SD Live Commisioner, he’s looking forward to playing the game with his kids and pleaded with game developers to make his character unbeatable.

Check out the interview and the behind the scenes footage below.