Shad Gaspard’s Wife Shares Update, Says Family is Still Hoping For a Safe Return

shad gaspard family update still hoping hopeful praying safe return missing

Former WWE star Shad Gaspard’s wife shared an update on her missing husband, saying the family is still hoping and praying for his safe return.

Siliana Gaspard posted the following Tuesday on Instagram:

We would like to express our gratitude to the first responders who rescued Aryeh and to the lifeguards, coast guard, divers, fire and police departments for their continued efforts to help find our beloved Shad.

Shad is a fighter, a warrior and a magical soul. We are hoping and praying for his safe return. As a family we thank you all for your concern and well wishes. Please continue to keep sending your positivity and prayers to our beloved Shad.

As we previously reported, Gaspard and his son were part of a group of people at the beach in California who were caught in a strong rip tide on Sunday. Lifeguards raced to get the people out of the water and Shad allegedly directed rescuers to help his 10-year-old son first before being crashed down on by a larger wave. His son and everyone else caught in the rip tide were rescued.

The search for Gaspard went into the night and continued for two days. Unfortunately, the U.S. Coast Guard tells TMZ they suspended the search this morning.