Seth Rollins Apologizes to Will Ospreay, “No More Garbage Tweets”

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WWE Universal champ Seth Rollins is manning up and apologizing for tweets he recently sent to Will Ospreay, and he’s vowing to be better going forward.

As you’ll recall, Rollins and Ospreay got into minor tiff on social media last week. The convo centered around the best wrestler in the world and ended with “The Architect” bragging about the size of his bank account.

Seth addressed his comments via social media on Tuesday, saying: 

“After a few days to sit on it, I’d like to apologize to [Will Ospreay] for the tweet I sent his way about comparing bank accounts. It was dumb of me & not in line with my values. The moment I pressed the send button I knew it was trash, but I’m too stubborn for my own good.”

“I stand firm in my sentiments tha [WWE] is the best pro wrestling on the planet and that I’m the best of the best doing it right now. After a helluva week of travel, our crew didn’t waver for a second. Top level humans busting their asses for the love of the game.”

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a champion with this company and represent WWE and the entire industry in the way it deserves. No more garbage tweets. I can and will be better.”

Solid move from the champ.