Seth Rollins Recently Discovered Long-Lost Siblings Through DNA Test

seth rollins dna test siblings long lost 23andme

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins recently learned he had two siblings he had never met … and it was all because of an at-home DNA test. 

“In a wild turn of events, I recently found out I have a brother (and sister, not pictured) I never knew existed,” Rollins tweeted Tuesday night alongside a photo of he and his brother.

Adding, “Thank you [23andMe] for bringing people together. Life is a crazy, awesome thing and we are all insanely lucky to get to experience it.”

23andMe is an at-home DNA test in which a swab of saliva is sent to a lab to be analyzed for more information. This, and other tests like it, have led to many others finding siblings/family members they had no idea existed. 

Proof that (sometimes) science can be pretty awesome.