Marty Scurll Explains Absence From ALL IN Post-PPV Curtain Call (AUDIO)

marty scurll all in curtain call explanation

Marty Scurll is squashing rumors about his absence from the curtain call following Saturday’s All In event — claiming it had nothing to do with issues over his match running long.

In fact … “The Villian” says the only heat he got that night was in the shower.

Scurll told broadcaster Sean Mooney in his latest “Prime Time” podcast that he didn’t make it out to the ring after the show went off the air to take a bow in front of the Sears Centre crowd with the rest of The Elite because no one told him about it!

“I didn’t know what was going on,” Scurll explained. “I was in the shower. I didn’t have a clue!”

Scurll also put rumors to rest that his match ran long, claiming his showdown with Okada only went one minute longer than its scheduled time — not the 15 minutes some had speculated — and that the main event lost time because a bunch of the matches went longer. 

“People are saying 14 minutes over.  No, no, no, no,” Scurll rebutted.  “The show ran 14 minutes over.  A bunch of the other matches went over.  But I guess our match is crucified because obviously we were the match on just before last?”

Marty Scurll also claims Nick Jackson approached them before the match and said to not cut anything.  They were told to “do what they do.”

He ended this discussion by jokingly saying he hasn’t been booted from the Bullet Club just yet.

Listen to this portion of the convo in the video below (and watch the FULL CURTAIN CALL HERE).