Scott Steiner Claims He Slept With 15K Women in 1-Year to Beat Wilt Chamberlain’s Record (AUDIO)

scott steiner slept with 15,000 women wilt chamberlain record audio

Wilt Chamberlain famously claimed to have slept with 20,000 women throughout his life … but that ain’t nothing to Scott Steiner, because Big Poppa Pump claims to have slept with 15K in one year.

Steiner took part in a media conference call on Wednesday to promote Impact Wrestling‘s upcoming Slammiversary PPV and the 54-year-old covered a whole host of topics.

Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin was on the call and chose to speak with Scott about one of the approved topics, “Freaks Around the World” — asking how many Steiner possesses.

That’s when the wrestler made a bold claim.

“Back in 1998-1999, I broke Wilt Chamberlain’s record with 15,000 women.” Adding, “I always thought that even though it’s not listed in the Book of World Records, I was a fan of Wilt Chamberlain and that was one world record I tried to break. In 1999, I broke it.”

For those doing the math, that would mean Steiner slept with about 41 women a day.

The full audio is available via WrestleZone’s channel on Eric Bischoff’s as part of the latest episode of WZ Daily. For now though, check out the clip below.