WATCH: Scott Steiner Uses Steiner Math to Address Health Scare Survival

scott steiner promo health scare collapse backstage impact wrestling

Scott Steiner made his first public appearance over the weekend since collapsing backstage at an Impact Wrestling taping … and he threw out some Steiner math to explain how he survived.

It all went down in Jasper, Alabama for New ERA Wrestling where Steiner was originally supposed to be involved in a tag match. However, due to doctor’s orders, he was replaced by Mike Jackson.

Before the match though, “Big Poppa Pump” got on the microphone and addressed his health scare.

“Everybody heard what happened last week. A lot of people came to me and said they were praying for me and gave me best wishes and I appreciate that,” he explained. “It happened on Friday night and I actually do not remember walking to the ring, talking, walking back to the ring, collapsing. I don’t remember Friday night, I don’t remember Saturday night.”

Luckily, Steiner says his wife helped calm the situation for him at the hospital once he saw her.

“As I was sitting in the hospital bed,” he continued. “The doctor came up to me and said ‘The procedure that happened to you, normally you only have 8 percent chance of winning … of getting out of the bed … of living.’ I said ‘Doc, every time I step in the ring I have a 141, two-thirds chance of winning. What do you think my chances are of jumping out of this bed? So this goes to all my freaks in Jasper, Alabama. Big Poppa Pump is your hookup! Holla if you hear me!”

Watch the video of his promo, as well as the full match, below.