Scott Steiner — BLASTS Hulk Hogan Over Gawker Win … During Live Q&A (VIDEO)

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The real-life feud between Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan intensified in the U.K. last week and this video makes one thing clear, their rivalry won’t be ending soon.

It all went down during Steiner’s Inside the Ropes Live tour presented by Squared Circle when host Kenny McIntosh asked Scott if he thought Hulkster would return to WWE.

Big Poppa Pump didn’t hesitate to speak his mind and began a HIGHLY entertaining rant which includes Gawker talk that is worth watching — even though it doesn’t fully make sense.

With ex-TNA champ Nick Aldis by his side, the outspoken wrestler also commented on the company dropping their lawsuit against him by sharing his feelings towards Dixie Carter.

Let’s just say it rhymes with yuck stew.


9 Comments on "Scott Steiner — BLASTS Hulk Hogan Over Gawker Win … During Live Q&A (VIDEO)"

  1. Yawn. Go home Steiner, you’re drunk.

  2. Menstrual Droppings | March 28, 2016 at 10:00 am | Reply

    As usual with Steiner, I couldn’t make out half of it. How about a word-for-word transcript? Someone? Anyone?

  3. I love Steiner talking video. The best! Yawn guy above is a hogan lover and is really crying but he’s too ashamed of himself so he wrote yawning instead of crying. Awwwwwww 🙁 poor baby FU

    • Oh, but that’s where you’re dreadfully wrong, bucko. I can’t stand Hogan either. Egotistical, thinks his crap don’t stink. He can take that $115 million that he won and shove it. It’s just that Steiner keeps on and on and on about the same old crap, and it’s getting real old. Far as I’m concerned, the wrestling world is better off without Steiner AND Hogan. Your move, peachfuzz. FU2

  4. Scot Stiner is teh man!

  5. I think after Steiner and HHH match a long while back he shouldn’t say anything.
    Get off the juice Doug

  6. Ridiculously drunk and speaking gibberish

  7. Screw Scott Steiner. All he has ever done as of late is whine and complain like a little baby back bitch without contributing to anything to the world. Truth is, SCOTT STEINER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE BUSINESS SINCE ALL HE DOES NOW IS TRASH TALK. STEROIDS MADE HIM A DIPSHIT MEATHEAD!

  8. People can say what you want about Hogan. People at the end of the day will still want to do business with him. He’ll be back in wwe before you know it. This meathead however is poison and is blacklisted by almost all the promotions now for a reason. He’s a hothead and a fucking loser. He clings on to the real life Hogan feud because it’s all he has left.

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