WWE Stars Praise Saudi Arabia in Videos Released by General Sports Authority

crown jewel wwe praise saudi arabia videos propaganda

The stars of WWE have touched down in Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel and the Saudi General Sports Authority wasted no time sharing videos of the wrestlers in hype mode. 

Wrestlers began arriving yesterday and the GSA first shared videos of Dean Ambrose talking about the enthusiastic fanbase in Saudi Arabia, Kurt Angle saying Saudi Arabia is important to WWE so they will continue to come, and Seth Rollins promoting the World Cup. 

The GSA Twitter account additionally posted videos on Thursday morning of Bobby Lashley, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

It’s worth noting that the McIntyre video features Drew saying WWE’s relationship with the “Saudi WWE Universe” is going to keep growing, but the caption used by the GSA reads, “Drew Mclntyre: the relationship between the Saudi General Sports Authority and WWE will be greater than before.”

Similarly, the caption for the Lashley video sort of misquotes him by saying, “Bobby Lashley: I am very content to have chosen to participate in , it is a great opportunity to meet WWE fans in Saudi Arabia.”

As you’ll recall, Daniel Bryan and John Cena both chose not to participate in the event. Not long after they were written off the show, we exclusively reported Hulk Hogan will be returning to WWE TV at Crown Jewel as the host of the event.  

Watch the videos below.