Sasha Banks and Bayley Poke Fun at Charlotte Flair/Becky Feud (VIDEO)

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The Four Horsewomen of WWE certainly aren’t in sync anymore, as evidenced by this new video of Bayley and Sasha Banks weighing in on Becky Lynch‘s heel turn.

In a backstage segment posted to Monday night, Sasha Banks and Bayley chuckled about longtime friends Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair busting up their friendship at Summerslam.

“It was bound to happen. You could see it in their eyes,” said Bayley. “There’s no connection.”

Sasha added that she’s a member of Team Becky. Bayley wouldn’t commit one way or the other.

The pair also poked fun at the awkward “tea time” hand gesture Becky and Charlotte used to use — announcing they’re on team coffee.

Laughing about your longtime friends ending a relationship? Dr. Shelley isn’t going to be happy.


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  1. 3 or 4 years ago, Sasha and Bayley were the leaders of the women’s evolution. Now, they are a backdrop. Crazy how things change.

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