Sasha Banks Officially Wins Raw Women’s Championship Via Countout (VIDEO)

sasha banks officially wins raw women's championship asuka loses wwe

Sasha Banks is now officially the Raw Women’s champion after defeating Asuka via countout.

As you’ll recall, Stephanie McMahon ruled that the title could be won via countout or lost by disqualification via interference in their match this week on Raw.

Thing between Asuka and Sasha began tonight with Kairi Sane and Bayley brawling to the backstage area. In the closing moments, Bayley was shown beating on Kairi as she screamed for help. 

This caused the champion to run to the back and get counted out, allowing Banks to once again become champion. Asuka did not react well afterward, as she was shown screaming angrily in Japanese during an interview with Charly Caruso.

Watch the finish below.