Sasha Banks Claims to Have an Ankle Injury, Addresses Absence from Royal Rumble

sasha banks injured ankle royal rumble after the bell podcast

Rumors have been swirling around Sasha Banks possibly being injured, and now “The Boss” claims it’s due to an ankle injury

Banks was a guest on the latest “After the Bell” podcast and host Corey Graves asked about her recent in-ring absence.

“If you guys watched Friday Night Smackdown a couple of weeks ago, the evil un-role model, terrible mother Lacey Evans tripped me backstage, and she hurt my ankle,” Sasha replied. 

“I can barely walk ok. It’s terrible. I’m a person that always wants to be 125 percent, and right now, I’m just at 100 percent. You guys just have to wait,” Banks added seemingly in-character. “It’s unacceptable. I’m at 100 percent. I need to be at 120 percent. I’m taking my time so that I can be bigger and better than ever.”

The 28-year-old Superstar also gave another in-character response in regards to why she didn’t participate in the Royal Rumble match:

“Honestly, I wasn’t supposed to be in it anyway because I’m a leader. I want to give girls other opportunities. I didn’t want to win that match because I didn’t want to choose my best friend nor did I want to choose Becky Lynch because I don’t want to go to RAW,” Banks said. “So I wasn’t going to be in the Royal Rumble regardless, and Bayley asked me to not come out for the match because she wanted to show people that she didn’t need my help. So I respect her.

“We are role models and leaders for a reason, and another girl had an opportunity because I wasn’t in it. So it’s so great to see. I’m so blessed. I’m so awesome. I’m amazing.”

(H/T to WrestlingInc)