Santino Marella Says Transgender Women Wrestling Cis Females is Wrong (VIDEO)

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Santino Marella aka Anthony Carelli has strong opinions about transgender women in sports, as well as men wrestling women, and expressed them on an Impact Twitch stream.

On the latest edition of Behind the Lights with co-host Alicia Atout, the ex-WWE star was asked about his thoughts on intergender wrestling — due to the upcoming ‘United We Stand’ match pitting Tessa Blanchard against Joey Ryan — and he didn’t hold back.

“If there’s a girl out there that says ‘this guy’s giving us attitude, I’m gonna step in and fight this guy because I saw that women can fight men because of intergender wrestling.’ And she goes out there and lips off and this guy’s a mental case and he just cracks her with his fist and shatters an orbital and busts her lip … and she wouldn’t have done it — perhaps — beforehand, because she didn’t get this inflated sense of confidence because of intergender wrestling.”

Carelli says that because of this, he believes there’s a social responsibility attached. He also notes that movies featuring superpowered women aren’t quite the same in his opinion. 

The 45-year-old wrestler then goes on to talk about how the news is amplifying issues between men and women — as well exaggerating racial tension — and things aren’t as bad as they seem. 

At this point, Santino shifts his attention to transgender athletes. “There’s cases now in MMA and wrestling where there’s trans girls that were born boys that are beating the sh*t out of females and that’s wrong,” he states.

“If you’re a guy — born a guy — and you become a woman, you’re accepted everywhere,” he continued. “But in the field of actual competitive sport, there has to be a barrier. And the barrier is based on, sorry, you were born a God damn man. You’re accepted as a human being and as a person and you are loved in every single way EXCEPT it’s not fair that you compete against women in sports because you were born with different physical biological attributes. And we have to be realistic about it and we also have to not be so sensitive.”

Watch the video below (this conversation begins around the 16-minute mark). 

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14 Comments on "Santino Marella Says Transgender Women Wrestling Cis Females is Wrong (VIDEO)"

  1. Well, this is the stupidest take I’ve heard all day.

  2. Will Henderson | March 14, 2019 at 10:48 pm | Reply

    this is one of those times keeping your mouth shut when it comes to that is the best idea possible. cause now, he’s gonna get heat from the LGBT and the SJWs as we live in a time where outage culture is a actual thing.

    • To be fair he has a point, think about it. We all once thought of ourselves as wannabe wwe guys and as tough as them and wanted to copy them one time or another. Growing up while young. That is! A girl who watches them matches (and still thinks wrestling is all true) will grow up and think she can beat a man because a fake sport made her believe so. what will happen when she does? she will get beat TF up no fake in that tho! so yes. its true

      • TheUnlikeable | March 15, 2019 at 6:53 am | Reply

        News flash a woman can beat a man in real life.

        Go watch the video of that lady who has a heart condition and a walker yet managed to bear up her car theft.

    • and i’m what you hate, a liberal but even i have common sense on no brainer type of BS such as this

  3. A guy like Joey Ryan is literally the wrestling version of an acceptable pedophile, he made his gimmick just to have people grab his dee. What a pathetic guy. Only basement pedo’s enjoy his pathetic “gimmick”. He’s so called “matches” are not even matches but more of sexual harrasment but agree because money is involved, Isn’t that PROSTITUTION? GTFO if you think otherwise, Sick MF’s!

    • KatyaMenelli | March 15, 2019 at 2:30 am | Reply

      Stop using words too big for you. I’m pretty sure you have to be 18 in America to be booked on a wrestling show.

  4. BTW *F wrestleInc for banning me forever for expressing my views. Ill stick to this site for good!!

    • McKinley Mitchell | March 16, 2019 at 6:26 pm | Reply

      Those fruit cakes banned me too. They can dish shit out but you can’t defend yourself against them. Losers lol

      No real men even want to do a podcast wit that twink Hausman lol

  5. KatyaMenelli | March 15, 2019 at 2:27 am | Reply

    LOL I agree about the Intergender wrestling…

    Not about trans people thing. Like they have to have qualifications to compete in sports to where it’s a completely even playing field.

    He just made cis gender women sound so weak and as if they couldn’t defend themselves.

  6. McKinley Mitchell | March 16, 2019 at 6:23 pm | Reply

    He is 100% correct. If one of these trans freaks acting as a woman hits my daughter the damned thing’s next move will be the hospital.

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