Santino Marella’s Daughter is Getting Serious About Wrestling Training

santino marella daughter training serious interview

Former WWE star Santino Marella has become his daughter’s trainer now that she’s entering the world of professional wrestling. Despite being known for his comedy though, Santino’s daughter tells us the training is no joke.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Bianca Carelli who says she recently moved back home in an effort to step things up after training at Tyson Dux‘s wrestling school in Ontario the past few months.

We’re told Santino now has his daughter doing conditioning and MMA training, alongside pro-wrestling classes, for a minimum of 15-hours per week at the Battle Arts Academy. This is being done in an effort to mold Bianca into a high performing athlete WWE would have interest in.

Marella believes the schedule of classes he’s created for his daughter will give Bianca the tools needed to make that happen and hopefully get her an invite to the Performance Center for a tryout.

“My dad is big on mental strength,” she tells us. “He wants me to push myself above and beyond.”

The aspiring wrestler says she’s also working to bulk up in an effort to look the role and stand toe-to-toe with other athletes at the Performance Center.

For those who may not know, Santino was a former Judo champion — one of the many MMA styles she’ll be learning at Battle Arts. While discussing this, Bianca explains, “My dad used to be a Canadian National judo champ and so I am excited to be learning one of his favorite sports from him.”

Bianca also revealed during the interview that she hasn’t always aspired to be a wrestler. In fact, she only recently realized her love of athletics and theater could be combined in wrestling.

While many famous wrestlers don’t want their children entering the biz, Bianca says Santino had the opposite reaction. “He’s very supportive and happy to see me doing something he loves.”

Now for the question you’ve all been wondering — will she use the famous Marella name in the ring (possibly as Santina Marella)? The answer is maybe. 

Bianca says her middle name is Sophia, which sounds close enough to match her father’s name in WWE, so it could work. “At the same, I don’t want to be stuck on one track,” she adds.

“I’m completely comfortable playing different characters.” 

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