Sammy Guevara Names Which Released WWE Talent He’d Like to See in AEW

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When it comes to the idea of recently-laid off WWE personnel making their way to AEW, Sammy Guevara has two names at the top of his list.

In an interview with France’s Catch Club, Guevara explains his rationale for wanting both Kurt Angle and Zack Ryder (aka Matt Cardona) in All Elite Wrestling.

Angle, however, comes with a caveat. “I’d want to pick up Kurt, if he can still wrestle every now and then,” he said. “We don’t need him to wrestle every week. But we can have him wrestle every now and then. Just select dates to keep the prestige.”

Sammy also points to the fact that Angle would be a great mentor for the younger AEW roster.

When it comes to Ryder, Guevara gushes over what a pioneer he’s been over the years. “That dude’s super creative. He was one of the first people, with his “True Long Island Story,” that kind of changed the game for me with my vlogs and stuff,” he said. “He blew up and made something of that before anybody that I know of. What a genius to capitalize on this tool that we all have … he saw it before anybody else did.”

Guevara has followed in Ryder’s footsteps, in many ways, with the way he uses the Internet. His YouTube channel, where he posts weekly vlogs and interviews, has over 107k subscribers.

Watch the interview below.

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