Sammy Guevara Suspended Until Further Notice by AEW Over Resurfaced Rape Comment

sammy guevara suspended aew sasha banks rape comment

Sammy Guevara has been suspended without pay until further notice by AEW over a rape comment he made about Sasha Banks in 2016 that resurfaced on social media.

AEW released the following statement on Monday regarding Sammy’s comment:

AEW insists on doing our part to create a world of understanding and respect for humankind. We therefore strongly condemn the extremely offensive and hurtful words of Sammy Guevara. As such, effective immediately, Sammy is suspended without pay until further notice. Sammy has agreed to undergo extensive sensitivity training and, upon completion, his future status within the company will be re-evaluated.

During his suspension, his salary will be donated to the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.

The audio in question comes from an appearance on The Whole F’n Show’s Raw’s 4th Hour where Guevara talked about a tryout he had taken part in at the Performance Center. In the clip, he says, “Bro, Sasha Banks. Oh my god. When I was at the WWE the other week, I wanted to just go f*ckin’ rape that woman.”

As we previously reported, Sammy has since reached out to Sasha Banks to apologize and the WWE stars they had an open discussion about his words.

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  5. Aw man, not Sammy! He’s one of the best things about AEW. Still, a shitty thing to say even when he was a nobody. Hopefully he has legit remorse and Sasha accepts his apology.

  6. JJ, from what I have been told, Guevara has an unbelievable ego. While I don’t know if it’s true he supposedly has had a number of issues with others both in and out of wrestling.

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