WATCH: Behind the Scenes Look at Sami Zayn’s Return to SmackDown

sami zayn return smackdown behind the scenes video wwe

WWE shared a behind the scenes look at Sami Zayn’s return to SmackDown last week.

Zayn is shown at the top of the video marveling at the impressive ThunderDome setup inside of the Amway Center. A drone camera also sneaks up on him at one point, much to his surprise.

Sami reflects on being gone for five months and how prior to the pandemic he used to ramble to his coworkers about how everything would be different one day.

“It feels a little different. Really everything is online now. Because now it’s literally the only barometer we have to measure what’s resonating with people and what’s not,” he says in the video. “It used to be, ‘Ok, the internet fans say one thing, but you can’t argue with the fans in the crowd. They made those noises. They had that emotion. You saw it. You felt it. But now it’s literally all online.”

Zayn was also shown backstage before and after his encounter with Jeff Hardy.

Watch the video below.