Sami Callihan Vents About Negative Reactions to Baseball Bat Incident (AUDIO)

sami callihan baseball bat reactions audio

Sami Callihan is pissed off about the negative reactions he’s receiving from people in the wrestling industry, as well as fans, over a baseball bat spot gone wrong — and unloaded in a new interview.

Callihan was a guest today on SiriusXM‘s Busted Open and when asked if he worked things out with Eddie Edwards behind closed doors said, “That’s for me to know and Eddie to know.”

“This is what really bothers me. This is professional wrestling. ‘Is it real or is it fake, because someone needs to tell me because I really don’t know at this point.’ Because right now I’m being called the most dangerous man in professional wrestling. You know what? Sure. Go ahead. Call me that. Because I know at the end of the day I know I’m one of the baddest m-fers walking this planet today.”

In case you missed it, the video of the incident aired on Impact this week and can be SEEN HERE. It also elicited negative reactions via Twitter from Jim Cornette and Kassius Ohno.

During the interview, Sami also said: “If the fans want to call me unsafe, the boys in the back want to have insults about my work … you know what? You can look at my schedule and see that I’m the most booked person on the planet. You can come find me and talk to me face-to-face because that’s how I deal with stuff. Like a man.”

Listen to the full clip below.