Sami Callihan and Jimmy Jacobs Appear at Bound For Glory (VIDEO)

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Bound For Glory ’17 featured appearances from two wrestlers who were rumored to be showing up at the annual event — Sami Callihan and Jimmy Jacobs.

Impact Wrestling HEAVILY teased that Callihan would show up in support of OVE leading up to the show and it eventually happened during their match against LAX when Sami appeared out of nowhere to help his “family” pick up the win.

Ex-WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs was the next to be featured during Bound For Glory when he randomly walked to the announce desk after a match and insinuated that he now works for the company.

Watch the video of both appearances below.

2 Comments on "Sami Callihan and Jimmy Jacobs Appear at Bound For Glory (VIDEO)"

  1. Hopefully Jimmy can help in creative. They need it.

  2. I like that a bunch of cool wrestlers are getting jobs in Impact, but god damn I cannot stand to watch that show these days, it is just too weird and boring.

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