Ryback Clarifies Recent Podcast Comments … ‘I Love India and The Culture’

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Ex-WWE wrestler Ryback wants to make one thing clear … he loves India and it’s culture — despite what quotes from a recent podcast may have lead some to believe.

The wrestler tweeted on Tuesday night saying, “Apparently people have misquoted and taken comments made on CWTBG and spun them. For the record I love India and the culture. FM’s grow up.”

In case you missed it, Ryback recently talked about WWE’s current push in India on Conversations With The Big Guy and said: “They have the TV deal out there, the people don’t have any f–king money out there, so I don’t know why they’re trying. I heard that the merchandise sales out aren’t good out there. No s**t! Like, I’ve been to India. They don’t have money. There’s certain people that do, but the ones that do, I’m pretty sure aren’t f**king watching fake fighting.”

“It is a unique place, for sure. You realize how good we have it over here when you go to places like that.” Adding, “You realize just how overpopulated the world is and how bad [it is]. It’s bad.”

We’re told Ryback’s tweet tonight was in reference to a recent interview done with Alberto El Patron in which the wrestler was asked a question that misrepresented what The Big Guy had actually said — and that portion of the interview has since been removed from the article it initially came from.