Ryback — I Turned Down $1.5 Million Contract Offer From WWE, But Not Over Money (AUDIO)

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The Big Guy has revealed that he turned down a GIANT sum of money to re-sign with WWE, but the decision wasn’t because of the amount — and Ryback went into detail about it on his new podcast.

Ryan Reeves debuted Conversations With The Big Guy today and in it claims he turned down a 3-year, $1.5 million dollar deal — one that included WWE paying for his hotel and rental car — due to the company failing to deliver on multiple promises throughout his run.

He explains, “It was about creative and it was about limiting me as a brand.” This includes losing in 2 minute matches, not selling his merch at live events and not allowing him to appear on fitness covers.

Ryback adds, “It’s little things like that, that I wanted a commitment from on a much deeper end. And the money was just one part of it. And I was very happy with the money offer that me and Vince came to an agreement on. It was so many other things outside of that.”

The wrestler also claims that during the last 3 months of his run, when they wanted him to re-sign, Vince McMahon promised he’d take Ryback “to the motherland” by making him the company’s top heel champion. He also says he was promised a WrestleMania 32 match against AJ Styles, in which Vince said he’d “squash that little twerp.”

Once that was changed to a pre-show match against Kalisto, Ryback claims he requested his contract include additional wording that states the company would be held to their promises in the future. When that didn’t happen, the wrestler says it felt like they were starting to bury him.

And that’s why he walked out.

Listen to the revealing interview below.

2 Comments on "Ryback — I Turned Down $1.5 Million Contract Offer From WWE, But Not Over Money (AUDIO)"

  1. Ryback is a joke. Always has been; always will be. I’m sure there are threads of truth to his story ($500K/year sounds legit), but the majority of it sounds like the delusional ramblings of a under-performing jakked-up over-rated narcissist. Good riddance to bad wrestling.

  2. Ryback is 100% correct he had been screwed by Vince right after the CM punk matches and his career went down hill from there look at all the other wrestlers that are being screwed over its just they are to scared to speak up at least he has the guts to do it. He was a fan favorite before he turned heal and fought Loveable John Cena but the problem is people only see what goes on on the outside not the truth
    Hey the Big Guy should get together with the fellow Vince screw overs and former a Union for all the Wrestlers

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