Ryback Insinuates ‘Huge Wrestling Fans’ That Are Female May Have Mental Issues (AUDIO)

ryback mental issues female wrestling fans

Sorry ladies … if you’re a hardcore fan of wrestling and want to date Ryback, he’s not interested — because the wrestler basically said he thinks you have mental issues.

The wrestler discussed dating this week on Conversations With The Big Guy and his new co-host Phoenix Marie noted that she doesn’t like to go out with her porn fans.

Ryback replied, “That’s like a wrestler dating a girl that’s a huge wrestling fan. I don’t know if I would.”

Phoenix asked if it was because they’d only want to talk about matches and The Big Guy said, “Yeah. Amongst other things … mental issues … but yeah, it would be scary to me.” The comment even surprised his co-host, who reminded him that she likes wrestling and doesn’t have mental issues.

Listen to the clip below.