Ryback — Announces Departure, Wishes WWE The Best in Their Future Endeavors (VIDEO)

ryback contract expired parting ways leaves wwe

Wake up WWE UniverseRyback is now a free agent — and The Big Guy has all sorts of plans.

The former Intercontinental Champion bid adieu to WWE on Instagram today saying, “The Big Guy Ryback would like to wish the WWE the best in their future endeavors. From this point forward, myself and the WWE will no longer be conducting business together.”

Ryback also says he plans to continue wrestling a full schedule and plugged several new ventures … including a clothing line, a motivational book and a line of nutritional supplements.

As you may recall, the 34-year-old was sent home from RAW on May 2nd due to contract negotiation issues and was in the middle of a trademark battle with WWE regarding use of the phrase “The Big Guy” at the time.

No comment yet from WWE regarding his release, but it’s worth noting that the wrestler’s photo still appears on their roster page. Check out the video.