Rusev Vents About Frustration With Current Position in WWE (AUDIO)

rusev vents frustration wwe disappointment us title chasing glory

Rusev opened up in a new interview about being frustrated with his current position in WWE and disappointment over losing the United States Championship. 

The Bulgarian Brute was a guest on the most recent episode of Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia and talked about these frustrations alongside his wife Lana.

“It meant a lot, it always does because it was the first championship I ever won,” Rusev said when Garcia asked him how he felt about dropping the belt. “It kinda hurts me because nobody cares about it. It feels like I’m the only one who cares about that title, and I wanted to make it bigger. I wanted to make it what it was when I wrestled John Cena for it, but it seems like every time somebody else has it nothing happens,” he added. “Now I’ve lost it I know the title is probably gonna get lost again, and I’m gonna get lost probably too.”

Rusev then expressed concern about how he’s been booked recently, and how his attempts to change his predicament have been futile.

“I do want to look my best, I do want to be at my best because I wanna be WWE Champion. I wanna be on top, I don’t wanna be forgotten. But that’s what irks me is that I do all these things but nothing changes and that’s where the frustration comes,” he said. “I’m trying something to catch Vince’s eye with this or that. We go, we pitch, we talk, it just never comes to anything”

Adding: “It was last year around WrestleMania and before that when Rusev Day started and everything and I thought it was my time and I keep pushing for it to be my time and I keep talking to everybody, but nobody wants to do anything.”

The former US champ also talked about how he’s constantly trying to improve his physique in spite of his obvious frustrations.

“I don’t know what is holding me back, to be honest. I really, really don’t,” he said.

Listen to the full interview below (this portion begins around the one hour mark).