Ronda Rousey Says Travelling With WWE Was “The Absolute Worst”

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We have no idea if and when we’ll see Ronda Rousey back in a WWE ring, but we do know that she wasn’t too keen on all the travelling.

In a recent interview Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy, the former Raw Women’s Champion made it very clear that the one thing about being a WWE Superstar she doesn’t miss is being on the road so often.

“I love wrestling but I think it was maybe Sarah Rowe (aka Sarah Logan) who told me this, she wrestles for free but they pay her to travel,” Rousey said.

“The hardest part I think was just not being able to lay down horizontally,” she continued. “Taking a bunch of hard bumps, your back hurts and you just want to lay down.

“All I wanted to do between shows is lay down with my legs up and travelling you’re just sitting upright all the time and my back would kill me. So the actual act of travelling I do not miss it all, it was the absolute worse.”

As you’ll probably recall, Rousey lost the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 35 to Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat match that also featured Charlotte Flair. The Rowdy One hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring since then.