Ronda Rousey — Appears at Wrestling Event to Celebrate With Shayna Baszler (VIDEO)

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Shayna Baszler won the AIW Women’s Title last night in Cleveland, and her best bud Ronda Rousey made an appearance afterward to celebrate the big victory.

Ronda was in attendance with Jessamyn Duke to watch Baszler wrestle Heidi Lovelace … and after successfully clinching the title, Rousey met her friend on the ramp to happily hoist her in the air.

The event also featured wrestlers like Matt Riddle, Dan Severn, Grado and Michael Elgin.

The ex-bantamweight champ is in Cleveland for UFC 203 tonight to watch her boyfriend Travis Browne fight. The event will also feature the MMA debut of former WWE Champion CM Punk.

Watch the post-match victory video below.