Ronda Rousey Shares Brutal Aftermath of Charlotte Flair Attack (PHOTO)

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Raw Women’s champ Ronda Rousey says she refused stitches after Charlotte Flair beat her down at Survivor Series, instead opting to glue the wound shut. 

Rousey’s website shared the following update:

After the absolutely brutal attack by Charlotte Flair, Ronda’s entire body looked like an old Western treasure map with X’s marking every spot. Badges of honor potentially tattooed forever onto the RAW Women’s Champion compliments of a kendo stick welded by a psycho chick.

“I refused to let the doctor see me until they promised to clear me for RAW today, I said I would go home and glue it shut if I had to,” Ronda said. “They took a quick look and said I can either stitch it shut or glue it so I decided to glue it and I will be on RAW tonight!”

The article included a photo of the damage (seen below) and it looks painful. 

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