Aro Lucha CEO Says Ron and Don Harris Are Not “Nazi Sympathizers”

harris brothers not nazi sympathizers aro lucha

The CEO of new wrestling company Aro Lucha says co-founders Ron and Don Harris are NOT nazi sympathizers, despite having “SS” tattoos that were covered up.

The situation was addressed on the crowd funding page for Aro Lucha after a question was raised about former WWF/WCW/TNA wrestlers The Harris Brothers — specifically in regards to Don once wearing an SS shirt on a TNA pay-per-view and their aforementioned tattoos.

CEO Jason Brown addressed their past by saying:

Ron and Don Harris were performers for the WWE and other popular wrestling promotions during their wrestling careers. When on TV, they were in character, referred to as “a gimmick”, where their character or gimmick were as bikers. They also worked at a time in the industry when there was something called “kayfabe”, which was basically saying that you never broke character. There are verifiable stories where the good guys, or “baby faces”, were not allowed to be seen after work with the bad guys, or “the heels”, so in essence if they were in a feud on television, they had to “kayfabe” that they were in a feud in real life and were never to break character.

It’s worth noting that NWA-TNA apologized for the shirt incident at the time and said they weren’t aware of what happened until after the event.

It’s also worth noting that the Anti-Defamation League says on their website “some outlaw biker gangs appropriated several Nazi-related symbols” decades ago and therefore “SS bolts in the context of the outlaw biker subculture does not necessarily denote actual adherence to white supremacy.”

Brown continued:

The Harris brothers TV personas and gimmick were as bikers, but they are about as far from nazi sympathizers as the east is from the west and were in no way involved in that culture, behavior or activity. This was much like the wrestler whose character or gimmick was Junk Yard Dog, however, he did not work in a junk yard, nor was he part dog, just as the wrestler known as The Undertaker wasn’t in the funeral home business. The images you may have seen in your Google search were costume and TV personas that Ron and Don played while working for wrestling promotions during their career as wrestlers, including the WWE and TNA.

The CEO also says Ron now does pro-bono work for the The Joseph School in Haiti to support orphans and Don has a bi-racial family, which includes an adopted Filipino daughter (seen below).

Read the statement in full by CLICKING HERE.