Roman Reigns Tells Kevin Owens’s Kids to ‘Talk Some Sense Into Daddy’

Roman Reigns took his rivalry with Kevin Owens to a new level when he decided to directly address the family of his TLC opponent.

It all went down on this week’s episode of SmackDown on FOX.

At one point during the show, KO stood in the ring surrounded by tables, ladders, and chairs. Owens made it clear that he doesn’t fear “The Head of the Table,” and criticized the Universal Champion for taking advantage of his own family members. Reigns, was watching events unfold from backstage.

Jey Uso then attacked Owens, but Owens quickly turned the tables, so to speak.

After Jey was powerbombed through a table by Owens, Reigns emerged and made his way towards the ring. Reigns was ready to get physical but his “Special Counsel ” Paul Heyman advised him not to.

“Show him who’s calling the shots. You’re the shot caller. You’re the OG. This is your island. It’s your ring,” Heyman said.

Moments later, the “Tribal Chief” viciously attacked Owens while he was being interviewed backstage. It was at this point that Reigns decided to address KO’s family directly. He looked into the camera and pleaded with them to talk some sense into their patriarch.

“Kids, If you don’t talk some sense into daddy, I am going to be the guy that takes the food off the table,” he said.

Check out footage of the confrontations below.