Roman Reigns Auditioned for ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Without Telling The Rock

roman reigns the rock hobbs & shaw audition

Nepotism is known to be helpful in Hollywood, but Roman Reigns claims he didn’t tell The Rock he was auditioning for a part in “Hobbs & Shaw.”

Reigns — real name Joe Anoa’i — was interviewed by AOL ahead of the movie’s release and said he didn’t give a heads up to The Rock that he was auditioning to play Luke Hobbs’ little brother.

“I had heard about the project and figured I’d just read for it, see how it goes,” Anoa’i explained. “I don’t think Dwayne actually knew I was reading for it or interested in it at the beginning. Once my tape went out and they were happy with it, fairly serious [about me coming on], I think they told D.J. that I was in the hunt.”

Roman also talked about filming the movie in Hawaii while battling/recovering from his second bout of leukemia and said he used a stunt double on-set.

“All I had to do was just look cool and stand there and say my lines, do the acting bit of it, but when it was time for me to get hit or do something crazy, Niko [Nedyalkov] would be there. That was the cool part, especially where I was, resting, healing, being able to take advantage of that process and not beat my body up during the production, it was a nice spin on things for a change,” Roman added. 

Reigns can be seen delivering a spear in the final trailer for the film, seen below.

“Hobbs & Shaw” hits theaters August 2. 

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