WATCH: Sneak Peak of Upcoming Roman Reigns Appearance on “Cousins for Life”

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Roman Reigns guest stars on an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon’s “Cousins for Life” and the first clip shows him as a crotchety neighbor with a cute dog.

The Wrap shared footage of Roman’s live action debut, airing this weekend, which shows the wrestler acting annoyed over the pet pig belonging to one of the main characters rolling around in mud with his adorable Pomeranian.

Best part — Roman is carrying the pom in a Baby Bjorn.

As we previously reported, Roman returned to WWE TV this week to announce he’s in remission. He then made an appearance on Good Morning America the next day to talk with Robin Roberts about his battle with leukemia.

Check out the sitcom footage, then let us know what you think of Roman’s acting chops below.