ROH Launching Investigation Into Claims Made Against Talent in #SpeakingOut Movement

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Ring of Honor is launching an investigation into claims made against their contracted wrestlers in the #SpeakingOut movement.

The company released a statement via social media on Thursday saying: 

At Ring of Honor, we pride ourselves on the respectful and inclusive environment we have built, one that ensures all employees can work in a place where they feel safe and respected.

We take these matters extremely seriously and have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this type of behavior.

Ring of Honor has launched an immediate investigation into the claims made against its currently contracted wrestlers. We will update you on our investigation once it concludes.

ROH booker/wrestler Marty Scurll has released two statements now regarding allegations from a woman who claims he sexually abused her in 2015 after an IPW: UK show when she was 16 years old and intoxicated. Marty claims the encounter was consensual and legal.

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  1. Martin Scurll may very well be innocent of what sounds like rape charges. All the other ROH wrestlers seem to be following all the Quarentine rules, waiting patiently for the eventual return to work and broadcast.until then, WE ROH wrestling fans are fortunate enough to have past (and for some unseen) episodes of ROH wrestling on stadium network where the channel is available.

  2. A 16 year old what the fuck, you be ok if it was your daughter, sick sick persons who is ok with that,I’m piss off .perverts for okay ing this, burie in hell.

    And if this makes somebody quote ” defending a pedo ” then so is the entire United Kingdom, and who are we as people from another country( if you live outside the United Kingdom ) to judge standards, morals and a laws of another country? What they may as well consider normal is very well Taboo two others.
    Note- if he truly did take advantage of her while intoxicated and it wasn’t consensual then he should fry.
    And if you do live in the UK and you personally find it wrong in your opinion given the age then I encourage you to petition your government to change the consent law and I would be happy to support such a petition.

  4. Ps
    And if the father truly wasn’t cool with it then that is a red flag at Marty for that. And personally yes, if I found out my daughter who was that age was with an older man I would be livid with anger.

  5. shecky magoo | June 26, 2020 at 6:48 pm | Reply

    I hate when people pull the “what if it was your daughter and victim blaming” she shouldn’t have been in the bar lying about her age to start. It doesn’t make it okay but you cant ruin him over someone else’s false actions

  6. Sheck Magoo
    Tis true. According to some research I did the legal age of drinking in the United Kingdom is 18. So bypeople using the term “victim-blaming”in parts of this circumstance it’s an excuse to not take partial responsibility for someone who falsified their age in order to get drunk, which is also very illegal to do by the way.

  7. *by people

  8. Some wonky thinking from some guys on here.. I’m from UK…You can fuck at 18 but can’t drink or vote, weird right, yet funnily enough men who are Aged twenty onwards usually do not sleep with teenagers, also pretty sure he knew her age so while legally maybe ok, morally reprehensible…

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