ROH Wrestler Josh Woods Graduates from College

josh woods roh wrestler graduates college

Ring of Honor wrestler Josh Woods graduated from college on Friday and reflected on the accomplishment via social media. 

Woods, a former NXT wrestler who won ROH’s 2017 Top Prospect tournament, graduated from the University of Central Florida. 

The wrestler wrote about his commencement saying:

It was no easy task taking a 4 year break from school and committing to three full time credit hour filled semesters. During my hiatus from school I had some supreme opportunities to chase my dreams and pursue a career that I have been fortunate enough to strive in. Most importantly, I could not be the only one of my four siblings to not graduate, I don’t like being 1 up’d. Huge shout out to my mom for keeping me level headed and always providing dope wisdom and guidance when I was wicked stressed and flat out being my most solid support system. If you know the true me, school has never been anything I took seriously and being as disciplined and driven to finish is beyond just a huge milestone, I’m thankful for the growth I have achieved in these past years into a man that provided me the mental stamina to suck it up and finish. Thank you all for your continued support.

With college behind him, will ROH gold be in his future? Time will tell.