Roddy Piper’s Daughter — I’m Not Angry … Over Emmy Memoriam Snub

roddy piper daughter memoriam emmys

The daughter of “RowdyRoddy Piper says she she’s not angry the wrestling legend was left out of Sunday’s Emmy “In Memoriam” segment — because he wouldn’t have wanted her to care.

Ariel Teal Toombs tells Pro Wrestling Sheet … “I never felt the mainstream film and TV industry acknowledged him (Piper) much, so I’m not surprised he was left out. I’ve always personally thought he was understated as an actor, but then I got to see so much more of what he was capable of then most people.”

For those who missed it, many wrestling fans were shocked to see Piper not included in the annual segment which pays tribute to those who have died in the past year.  Not for just his contributions to wrestling, but to TV and cinema as well.

Toombs adds, “He never needed people’s approval or recognition in life. He just liked the art of it. One of the biggest lessons he taught me was not to care about those things. That it is really neat if you do get recognized but not to place your worth as a talent or person on them.  I don’t need the Emmy’s to recognize his death, I know what his worth and impact on the world was, as I’m sure many attendees did too. That is what I focus on. I sure do miss him a lot every single day though.”

Roddy Piper was 61 when he passed away in July.