Rocky Johnson Being Laid to Rest Today

rocky johnson funeral laid to rest cause of death the rock

Dwayne Johnson has revealed his father, the late Rocky Johnson, will be laid to rest today.

“The Rock” made the announcement via Twitter while replying to rapper Mega Ran, who had shared a video of himself rapping about Rocky Johnson.

“Appreciate these bars about my pops, Rocky Johnson. “First black tag team champs, I’m a believer” He made us all believe,” Dwayne wrote in response to the video. “Thank you, brother. DJ Ps; today we lay the “Soulman” to rest.”

Johnson also shared a photo on Instagram yesterday showing he had finished writing the eulogy. The caption stated:  “Written a lot of things over the years, but nothing prepared me for this one.”

According to “The Rock,” his father died of a condition called deep vein thrombosis.

“He had not been feeling well,” Johnson revealed in an Instagram video this weekend. “He’d been battling a cold and infection and on Tuesday he had what’s called a deep vein thrombosis, which is essentially a blood clot in the leg. It was a big old blood clot that broke free, traveled up his body and went right to his lung, clotted his lung and he died very quickly from a massive heart attack.”

RIP Soulman.