The Rock Denies Dissing ‘Generation Snowflake,’ Says Interview Never Took Place

the rock generation snowflake denies interview

Fake news was spread about The Rock this morning, and now he’s making it known he never took part in an interview criticizing “generation snowflake.”

The Rock shared a video on Instagram to set the record straight and included the caption: “The interview never happened. Never said those words. 100% false.”

Adding: “If I ever had an issue with someone, a group, community or a generation — I’d seek them out, create dialogue and do my best to understand them. Criticizing ain’t my style. I don’t cast stones and we all get to be who we are.”

In case you missed it, The Daily Star claimed Dwayne Johnson said “generation snowflake” being offended by everything is “putting us backwards.”

In the video itself, however, Dwayne said he doesn’t even know where the term generation snowflake came from and encouraged empathy/acceptance. 

Hear The Rock explain for himself in the video below. 

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  1. Who cares if he did say it? This country has turned into a bunch of pussies. Wtf

  2. I like that he created generation tequilla.

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