Road Dogg Talks About His New Role at the WWE Performance Center

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Following his exit from the SmackDown lead writer position, Road Dogg revealed details in a new interview about what he’s been doing at the WWE Performance Center.

Brian “Road Dogg” James was a guest on the latest episode of XPAC12360 and spoke about his exit from working on the main roster.

James admits he “got caught up” in running so hard as the lead writer of SmackDown that he didn’t make time for himself to maintain his sobriety and serenity. This was causing him to crack.

“I realized it was nobody else but me,” he said. “It was me who was almost keeping myself underwater and gasping for air every now and then. Now, I feel like I can come up and breathe a little bit and do some of the things that I was lacking to help me stay mentally stable.”

Adding, “Writing a live, 2-hour television show weekly is not easy.”

As for his new position at the Performance Center, Road Dogg explained that it’s not etched in stone just yet. However, he’s currently coaching a class of 11 performers and working with Jeremy Borash on vignettes for Killian Dain and The Outliers (Dan Matha/Riddick Moss), among others. 

“So, creatively working on the video side of it and not so much the writing side of it, yet … but I’m hoping that I’ll dip my toe in that water soon too because I love doing that,” he explained.  

Watch the full discussion below.